Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I dont feel so good today

It's been a good day for me today, but still I can't help but feel down, depressed. I cannot speak, I cannot express myself. . I feel so tired. I wish I had someone to talk to. People just keep ignoring me. Where the hell is everyone? I need someone.. NOW! But whatever, I guess I'll just cope alone like most of my life I've done. Thanks anyways if someone's reading it, if not, well, thanks too, I guess. Laters!

If there was just some place where I could cry without being called a crybaby or being told I'm just seeking attention. I wish I could let go. I'm so sick of being alone all of the time. It drives me nuts.


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  1. Sometimes we hav 2 face d fact tat act people do come n go...but there is one people who will always b there when u need them u just cant even see....the people i mention is ur MOM u r so blessed 2 hav such a great mom no one could ever had a mom like urs.....everyone could ever dream 2 hav a mom like urs.....maybe there is a time u just think that she just not in to u ...but hey that is MOM ok...when time comes u feel u just cant talk 2 ur mom that wheres i comes in a frens n a sister 2 u.....i will always do be there when u need just lately we r no even close just bcos we hav difrent path the path that u choose i cant even follow n u know is wrong....i did try 2 warn but as usual people will never escape from doing mistake 2 me its ok 2 do mistake bcos atleast u learn........but so ar of all we just hav 2 be independent this is what i learn in life.....we do not search for frens but frens will always be there when u need them...we never lose frens if a frens do know how special u r :) so for now u just hav 2 be more n more independent as i am....n believe me at the of the road u will find that the girl in ur r precious for some one to lose :)

    Lots of love

    Meen <3